Walker Fold Woods

Walker Fold Woods is in Winter Hill

A great little woodland trail with a good variety of trees including evergreen and native species. Somewhat rugged in places and recovering from the wind storms of recent years that felled many trees.

The Walker Fold Woods follow part of the Dean Brook up from Walker Fold Road to Burnt Edge, an area that was once known by the strange name ‘Roscow Caythers’, presumably with reference to Roscow’s Farm (now Roscoe’s on current maps).

The woods host a variety of plants, animals and insects including wild deer, rabbits, squirrels and stoats; Together with numerous wild flower species. There is sadly a small amount litter, mainly cans, Coke bottles and disposible barbeques left by local chavs staying out for the night. Take your crap home with you or at least drag it as far as the main road.

Walker Fold Woods image by munki-boy

Walker Fold Woods image by munki-boy

Walker Fold Woods Below the Wooden Bridge image by munki-boy

Another path in Walker Fold Woods image by munki-boy

Walker Fold Woods Western Access image by munki-boy

Walker Fold Woods map

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Also near Walker Fold

Also near Walker Fold

An excellent area for walking and wildlife situated around a glacial valley with great scenery and plenty to explore from open moorland to mixed woodland trails.

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