Wheelton is a small town and area just in the Northwest of the West Pennine Moors with a great selection of moorland and woodland areas to explore, with many nice ruins and industrial remains.

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Brincscall is a village situated at the foot of the Wheelton and Withnell moors, plenty of places to explore and good wildlife nearby.

Explore: Brinscall

Wheelton Plantation

Wheelton Plantation

Wheelton Plantation is a mixed woodland once populated with farms and other industries, the ruins and remains of which can be found in the woods today.

Explore: Wheelton Plantation

Higher Wheelton Aqueduct

Higher Wheelton Aqueduct

A small but impressive aqueduct carrying the Thirlmere Aqueduct over a stream running into the River Lostock.

Explore: Higher Wheelton Aqueduct

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